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It would be wonderful for every child, if it could grow into it's live playfully. Dolls take up a special position among children's toys, they are a reflection of the human being. Therefore, it is of no little relevance what kind of doll you are giving your child to play with.
Our Waldorf dolls have a healthy and affirmative appearance. Because they do not have any restricting functions, they give the child ample space to act out it's imagination.
All of our dolls are exclusively manufactured by hand. For this we use the finest natural materials. The body is made of fine Swiss cotton fabric, it's superb quality ensures that it withstands even heavy strain. The dolls are filled with 100% pure sheep wool, so that they lie snugly in the arms of the child. Wool fibres are warming, hardly inflammable, and more flexible than synthetic fibres. Therefore the doll keeps in shape even after washing. Furthermore the wool is environmentally friendly and has a lower electrostatic charge capacity than synthetic fibres.
Our Waldorf dolls have hair made of mohair, lambskin, or virgin woollen yarn. The individual character of each of our dolls is completed with lovingly created facial features and charming clothing made of cotton fabrics with Oeko-Tex Standard.
For every doll you order to be individually manufactured, you can select the material and colour of the hair as well as the hairstyle. Please state also, if you would like the doll with or without a nose and with an embroidered or with a painted face.


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  blue   Finni, ready-made orange
Waldorf Dolls   Waldorf Dolls   Waldorf Dolls
Price 68.00     Price 32.00     Price 32.00  
rose   Finni, ready-made green   My little friend, ready-made
Waldorf Dolls   Waldorf Dolls   Waldorf Dolls
Price 32.00     Price 32.00     Price 68.00  
My little friend, ready-made red/rose   My Little Friend, ready-made in orange   Sarina, 30 cm granulate baby
Waldorf Dolls   Waldorf Dolls   Waldorf Dolls
Price 68.00     Price 68.00     Price 120.00  
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