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Pillows for Heat and Cold Treatment:
Our grain pillows are pillows for heat and cold treatment. We fill them with rape seeds, grape pips, and cherry pits. You can heat them up in a microwave or baking oven or cool them in a freezer compartment.
You will find further information in the sections Ready-Made Pillows and Fillings for Heat and Cold Treatment Pillows.

Relaxation Pillows:
Our relaxation pillows are filled with husks. You can choose between millet husks and spelt husks. The pillows contribute to the relaxation of muscle tensions by supporting and comforting your neck. You usually do not heat them up.

MILLET HUSKS are extremely soft and assist the relaxation of the muscles. They contain a high percentage of silicic acid and high-quality minerals, which you absorb through your skin while sleeping. By resting your head on a millet husk pillow your neck will get optimal support, which helps to loosen or prevent muscle tensions. Millet husks massage your musculature in a light and comfortable way which stimulates the blood circulation. They have a calming and balancing effect similar to a hay bath. Millet husks are noiseless (e.g. no rustling when turning over).We recommend a moonshaped relaxation pillow, for its perfect adaption to your head-neck-shoulder area.
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SPELT HUSKS massage your musculature and stimulate your blood circulation in a firm manner, thereby ensuring a relaxing sleep if you prefer harder bedding. Spelt husks are perfect for storing body heat, they are permeable to air and they equalize temperature.Spelt husks can be heated up in a baking oven (not in a microwave oven) up to 100C (212F). This filling causes a slight rustling when you move, which is why people who are sensitive to noise often prefer millet husks.
Advice: +49-(0)5203/883544

All pillows are washable with fillings depending on the type of fabric.
When washing bright coloured pillows, the husks may stain the fabric during the first few washes. These stains will dissolve in the following washes. When washing rich coloured fabrics, please add a dye-fixing cloth.